Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are free to enter. Just like their online poker counterparts, freeroll slot tournaments cost nothing to enter and have cash prizes. To participate in these tournaments all one has to do is register at the casino and enter. The prize pools most of the time are small compared to tournaments where a purchase is required, but is not always the case. 

Take for example the $500,000 free slot tournament currently taking place at Allslots casino and All Jackpots casino. This event offers $50,000 to the winner and smaller prizes to the top few hundred finishers. If your looking for a life changing payday with no cost I would suggest visiting All Slots or All Jackpots.

Freeroll slot tournaments attract big pools of players, as everyone is always looking for a freebie. The players participating can range from a couple hundred to several thousand depending on the event. When playing free online tournaments online the best spot to play is in the Microgaming tournaments.

Microgaming freerolls are entered by downloading and registering at the casino. Once you have successfully logged on to the casino, a tab will be present tabled "Slot Tournaments". Click this tab a list of the current tournaments, starting times and entry fee (if one is required) will be displayed. New freerolls start every 2 hours. Each slot tournament ends after your allotted time is up. Typically the free tournaments last 5 minutes and some  may last longer if it a special event. 

To play in a particular tournament all you have to is then hit the "register now" button. This will register you for that tournament, just follow this pattern to enter any more that you would like as their is no limit. Typically the free tournaments last 5 minutes and some longer still. We have a complete list of current Microgaming slot tournaments.

To enter Vegas technology tournaments is the same procedure as the Microgamings. The biggest difference is that only one new freeroll starts each day, but last for 24 hours. This is as opposed to Microgamings which last from a couple hours to several days long.

As you are playing you will be able to see your current position in a small window at the bottom of the screen so you can see how your are doing. You will also be able to see the current leaders, so you know how far behind you are.

If you have never entered a freeroll tournament, I don't know why, as they are free. I would suggest taking the time to read our tips and strategies for playing in online tournaments. This will give a leg up on the competition and hopefully allow you to place at the top of the leader board.

Worth mentioning is that once you have completed the slot tournament, you have the option to buy more time, called a rebuy. This extra time is typically 2 to 5 minutes at a cost of $5 to $20. This can be a great advantage if you are close to the top and want to solidify or increase your position. I would recommend using this feature if you have a legitimate chance of placing in the money during the freeroll tournament.
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