Microgaming Slot Tournaments
One of the most popular games being played by players from around the world is a slot machine. These games can be found in every online and mobile casino and offer players an exceptional chance at winning some high payouts. Microgaming, a leader in the software industry is well known for creating some of the very best slot games in existence. These games are all crafted with the very best graphics and sounds so players will enjoy a visually appealing game as they add funds to their player account.

To make things even more exciting, Microgaming slot tournaments are offered at most major online casinos. These slot tournaments can be very exciting and players can walk away with a ton of cash as a result. One of the main benefits of playing in a Microgaming slot tournament is that players will know exactly what they will lose. Many of these online tournaments have an entry fee. When players pay this amount, there is no way they can lose more than that while in the tournament. This is a great option for any player that is on a budget and wants to have a great chance at winning a lot of money while only risking a small amount of their own to play.

Microgaming slot tournaments often offer cash rewards for the top players, but there are also some micro tournaments that will give players prizes like cars and cruises. One of these tournaments is at Crazy Vegas casino. Just recently, players played for their chance to win a cruise trip for two. This online casino is known to host many Microgaming slot tournaments that typically offer more than $8000 in cash prizes. Tournaments like this will cost players around $50 to enter. However, there are freeroll tournaments that are held prior to this larger event. The freeroll tournaments will qualify players for a seat at the final tournament. There is no cost for players to enter these tournaments and the top five players will earn a free entry to the final.

Please note: US players are not accepted at Microgaming casinos.
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Microgaming Slot Tournament Set Up
To participate in any Microgaming slot tournament, players will have to register at the casino and have a real money account. They will then be able to view the upcoming tournaments and select which one they wish to play in. There are three types of slot tournaments found at Microgaming casinos. These include scheduled, private and sit and go tournaments.

Sit and Go tournament will start as soon as there is enough players. Each tournament will have a minimum number of players that are required. These events can be played at any time, day or night, offering players the chance to always have a tournament available. Any registered player at the casino can take part in these events and there is not a long wait for the tourney to begin. A scheduled tournament is one that will start and end at a specific time. These tournaments run for various lengths. It will be required for all players to pre-register for the event before the starting time. Each Microgaming casino will provide a list of all upcoming scheduled tournaments and will offer players information on the top payouts and prizes that will be available. These tournaments are usually shared among other Microgaming casinos, so many players will be playing at the same time. Some Microgaming casinos will offer the option to play in a private tournament. This is an available option at Crazy Vegas. These tournaments are only available to the players at that particular casino, so players have better chances of winning because fewer players are participating.

Microgaming slot tournaments are timed events. This means that payers will be allotted a specific amount of time in which they can play. As soon as the first spin is made, the clock will begin and players will continue playing until they are out of time. When the tournament ends, the players with the most credits will be the leaders of the tournament. The tournament outcomes are based on the amount displayed in the players Win Box. This is the amount of credits that have been won while playing. At the start of each tournament, players will be given a certain amount of credits to play with. These are the only credits available and players should always try to use all credits in the tournament. If time runs out and players have remaining credits, they will be forfeited.

While these Microgaming slot tournaments are times events, the casinos will offer players extended time. If players are new the top of the leaderboard when the time runs out, they may wish to purchase additional time to try to win the event. This additional time will cost the player money. The amount will be determined by the casino. Generally, players can get between 2 and 5 minutes more in the tournament for anywhere from $3 to $10.

To make the best of playing in a Microgaming slot tournament, players should choose their tournaments wisely. Freeroll events are always free, but they attract a lot of players and can be difficult to win. Players should consider their budget when selecting a scheduled tournament. There will be various buy in amounts that are offered and the prize pools will change based on this cost. If players have a minimal budget, they may select a low cost tournament to try to win.

While the goal of playing in any Microgaming slot tournament is to be the grand prize winner, most Microgaming casinos will offer cash rewards for the top five to ten players. In some cases where the tournament attracts a large number of players, the top 100 will win cash prizes. With these times events, every second is important and players should always be alert and ready to spin the reels. Remaining credits could mean losing a tournament so players should develop a rhythm so they can use all credits and maximize their opportunity to be a winner. Microgaming slot tournaments are known to be the most exciting and rewarding in the industry and are usually played on Tomb Raider or Thunderstruck machines.

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